Aussies are celebrating … Thanksgiving? What??

There’s a lot of Halloween hate out there, so I’m expecting major backlash over the news that Thanksgiving is taking off in Australia.

America celebrated the holiday yesterday, where it’s regarded by many as being just as important as Christmas. The origins of the celebration can be traced back to the pilgrims, who would give thanks for a successful growing year in the fields.

These days it’s about getting together with family and taking a moment to reflect on your blessings.

It’s pretty nice when you think about it, but I reckon the anti-Yank brigade will kick up an almighty fuss about the Americanisation of Oz.

However, the ABC says turkey farmers reported a surge in sales in the lead up to the occasion.

South Australian turkey farmer John Watson estimates that interest in Thanksgiving Down Under has trebled in the past five years.

“A few years ago it was just one or two turkeys and it just came and went and we didn’t really think too much of it. But now I reckon it’s taken the place of Easter,” he said.

“We used to sell quite a few whole turkeys at Easter time, now Thanksgiving would be a bigger boost for all the turkey growers in Australia.”

What am I thankful for this year? Love and family seem a pretty good place to start. Sure, there’s been lots of crap stuff, but I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who care about me.

What I’m NOT thankful for is that I came down with a virus yesterday on Thanksgiving Day. My glands are like golf ball. Blah. Although it may explain why I was extra-grumpy about my fibroid news.

How about you? What are you thankful for?

Here are some Thanksgiving pics celebs have shared on Instagram … I’m particularly impressed by Chris Martin, Scott Disick and Nick Cannon all appearing in family photos to celebrate the holiday. Nice co-parenting work, guys.

6 thoughts on “Aussies are celebrating … Thanksgiving? What??

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  1. I love the idea of thanksgiving but I think I will do it in Winter so we can have a beautiful huge warm dinner and stuff ourselves silly with roast veggies, cauliflower cheese, yorkshire puddings (I will have them with every roast!) lots of roast meats and lots of warm sweet pies with cream and custard! And a cakenpie (or whatever it is called!)

  2. Before kids, every year my friends and I would celebrate Thanksgiving, the weekend before or after. It was huge, much bigger than Christmas for us and it went all weekend. At dinner Saturday night, the main event we would each share what we were grateful for. Just starting to think about doing it again now the kids are older . Fabulous memories with fabulous friends.

  3. If we’re going to steal any American holidays we could do worse than stealing Thanksgiving. A little bit more gratitude in the world isn’t a bad thing.

  4. Maybe the increase in turkey sales is because there are so many Americans living amongst us !!! I was behind a lovely american lady in Coles the other day – she was buying the biggest frozen turkey I have ever seen and she was telling the check out chick all about what the holiday is about. I know that when I was talking to K after her thanksgiving evening and told her that maybe we would get there for thanksgiving next year so squealed with excitement and then asked if we could maybe stay until Christmas as well !!!! Man I miss my child.

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