Good things come in threes

Yesterday’s weather was my idea of heaven. Wasn’t it lovely?

I hope you enjoyed some gorgeous, balmy sun time too.

It was the weekend of the beaches for me: Maroubra on Friday, Manly on Saturday and Avalon on Sunday.


As a delicate redhead, I loved the tall pine trees that shade the beach at Avalon. We lazed on the sand and gazed at the waves and felt incredibly peaceful for a few brief minutes before the crazy realities of life took over again.

DD was in town – briefly – for the weekend before flying out to Tokyo last night.

He needs those peaceful moments more than me!

Here are just a few photographs of my divine, sunny day … I’ve discovered in my old age that I love taking photos … Social media is heaven, too, because you get to be all egocentric and share them …

photo 1 (23) photo 2 (25) photo 3 (18)

I wish I was back there right now, instead of hustling to get ready for work.

Must get a lottery ticket so I can get myself a backyard that looks like this


How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Smoke City “Underwater love”




6 thoughts on “Good things come in threes

  1. I used to live in Maroubra and belonged to the Maroubra Seals club where I swam a mile a day. I love Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We have a flat sea up here. I love the look of waves crashing. It’s so different to what we’re used to with our reef and stuff.

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