Who do you tell the little stuff?

I looked out my kitchen window yesterday morning and was startled to see the youngest bouncing on the trampoline.

At 6.30am.

She’s obsessed with getting her pedometer reading as high as possible every day during Steptember.

It made me giggle.

Two years ago, I’d have regaled my husband with the story when he finally struggled downstairs for breakfast.

Who do I tell now?

photo 1 (21)

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to Maroubra to catch up with the eldest’s best friend from day care. It was such a gorgeous day – we went to the beach for a walk together.

The youngest decided she wanted to go for a dip in the icy waves … and pronounced them “warm.”

photo 2 (23)

While I watched her splash, the eldest and her oldest friend wandered far, far along the beach to explore the rocks at the southern end.

It started to get a bit chilly and the mum who was sitting with me started to fret about how we’d signal for the girls to return.

So I sent the youngest in her cossie to relay the news we were leaving.

She thought it was the most awesome treat and jogged the whole way there and back.

It made me giggle.

photo 4 (10)

Two years ago, I’d have regaled my husband with the story when I got home later that night.

Who do I tell now?

The eldest had sugar for the first time in weeks – ice cream for dessert with her oldest friend – and went totally manic. She organised games of spotlight and hide and seek among the kids and talked a mile a minute.

In fact, I think she talked more in an hour than she has in her whole life.

She gave me a run for my money in the blather stakes on the way home, lots of stuff about Greek mythology, although she also asked at one point if “articulated vehicles” are difficult to drive.


Two years ago, I’d have regaled my husband with the story.

Who do I tell now?

I tell you.

It sucks not sharing a home and those stories with the father of your child.

But it’s my new life.

And I try not to think about the downsides too much because they still have the power to make me feel sad (and angry).

The upside is that there was so much laughter yesterday.

I’d let my distress from the day before go … I felt mellow and happy.

I love this life, even with its flaws.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Love this life”






4 thoughts on “Who do you tell the little stuff?

  1. I’ve been thinking about who I tell the little stuff to – especially now that Al is working away from home so much and realise that our two dogs and one cat cop it all. I wonder if they are even interested – although figure they must like it because they don’t run away while I’m talking to them !! Not that I get any worthwhile replies – but then sometimes I don’t get worthwhile replies when I talk to Al anyway !!!
    Have the BEST Monday xox

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