How the stars marked 9/11

It’s still 9/11 in the United States.

Fourteen years ago, terrorists hijacked four passenger planes, ramming two into New York’s World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon outside Washington, and crash-landing one on an empty field in Pennsylvania.

The hijackers killed 2,977 people and the images of those planes crashing into the WTC are etched in my mind forever.

I was living in Singapore at the time and I can remember a distraught security guard from my apartment block telling me the news. I couldn’t quite compute what I was hearing.

I went upstairs in a daze and sat sobbing as I watch the terrible events on television.

I thought the world was ending.*

Today, at the site of the World Trade Center, relatives of those who died read out the names of victims.

Moments of silence were observed at the specific times when the planes struck and the buildings fell – the first at 8:46am, the second at 9:03am.

Here’s how celebrities have marked the sad, sad day on Instagram.

*It didn’t end. And I’ve decided it won’t be terrorism – horrifying as it is – that will destroy us. Ice addiction will do it. It feels a day will never dawn again without some horrible news report about a crime committed by someone addicted to the insidious. But I digress.


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