Poor parenting decision No. 3456


You know how the eldest has been crook as Rookwood for months? Well a lot of homework has been let slide.

On Friday she came home with the news that she’d managed to secure an extension on her assignment until Monday.

I hadn’t been aware there WAS an assignment.


Saturday morning was spent at an art make-up class – the eldest has missed all but three of her beloved art classes this term – then we had a glorious lunch at New Shanghai … those soup dumplings … oh my – and then we were supposed to go home and spend the afternoon on the assignment.

photo 1 (22)

Except we were enticed by DD to take a ferry ride to Manly instead.

It was such a glorious day, it seemed a pity to spend it inside doing a boring assignment.

The ferry ride was gorgeous. The youngest pointed out that the waves looked like they were flecked with gold in the late afternoon sun. The air was balmy. Toes were dipped into the surf at Manly.

photo 2 (24)

Even the no-sugar regime was abandoned for a chocolate-dipped waffle cone with white chocolate and caramel fudge ice-cream, which the youngest pronounced the best ice-cream she’d ever had in her WHOLE LIFE.

photo 3 (17)

We didn’t get home until close to 6pm.


A quick hour was spent on the assignment before we subsided exhausted onto the couch to watch a movie about a dolphin who gets a prosthetic tail.

There is an awful lot of assignment still to be done.

My ex is NOT going to be happy when I do the handover this morning.

But damn it was fun.

What’s the weather like your way? Have you been up to anything fun this weekend?

Song of the day: Chris de Burgh “Don’t Pay The Ferryman”




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