Floored by my sister

I’ve spent most of my adult life dreaming about starting my own business.

(My childhood was spent dreaming I was from a planet called Andromeda.)

My first MAD idea was to open a B&B. At one point I even dragged my ex-husband along to a weekend-long seminar on how to do it.

He wasn’t convinced. He said he didn’t want to clean toilets for a living. Gradually, I realised I didn’t either.

But 50 million other ideas have followed.

Among the daydreams …

A pet shop filled with toy animals instead of real ones, with lots of accessories to go with them.

A Babies R Us store for dolls.

A beach-themed homewares shop.

A wine bar.

An indoor pool “resort” with a sandy beach, cafe and bar for all-round water fun.

A vegetarian restaurant called No Bull …

I’ve never been brave enough to act on any of them. And, post marriage break-up, I doubt there will ever be the dosh.

But I’m thrilled to say my sister has done what I’ve never had the nerve to do.

She’s started her own business with her hubby Adrian. This is the happy couple at their wedding in March …

photo 3 (5)

Today is opening day at their Choices Flooring store in St Leonards, Sydney.

Check it out …


We’re heading there to help them celebrate this morning. Though apparently there won’t be any champagne until the official launch party next month.


The kids and I will have to make do with yum cha at Sea Treasure instead.

Here’s the link to the Choices St Leonards Facebook page.

Adrian is a top bloke – you won’t regret getting him to quote on your new floor.

Congratulations you clever things.

I’m so proud of you both!

Song of the day: Tina Turner “Simply the best”




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