Warning! Real-life spoiler alert …


People got really annoyed earlier this week when I wrote a story about Harry Potter’s son starting at Hogwarts on September 1, 2015. They were all WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE HAD A SON? WHO WITH? DAMN YOU, I WAS ONLY UP TO THE FOURTH MOVIE …

Their reactions also provoked lots of horrified responses, like: “Oh my lord, I think I’m going to cry. How can someone not know this?”

There were also a few eye-rolly comments as the snipes flew about what “Muggles” some people were, arguments raged about the kids’ names and people lamented they weren’t on the train with him, such as: “OK so we do ALL KNOW… it is FICTION…”

We had a bit of a giggle about the controversy in the office, which segued into a conversation about how outraged people got at movie reviewers for revealing that the astronauts got safely home in the movie Apollo 13 or that the ship sank in Titanic.

How dare they?!? Spoilers!


It reminded me of the time I watched Too Big To Fail and discovered there’d been a Global Financial Crisis …

I wrote a blog about it called OMG there was a GFC! It went like this …

“I just found out about the Global Financial Crisis. And I kind of wish I didn’t know. I’m all freaked out now.

“It was really, really bad. The entire world economy could have collapsed. And then what would have happened?

“Husband brought home a movie called Too Big To Fail – which chronicles the US treasury’s fight to save the US banking system going under. We watched it last night and I was glued to the TV. (I think it helped that it had lots of big-name celebs in it – I have this weird crush on Bill Pullman – but the subject matter was pretty gripping too.)

“Halfway through, Husband asked if I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I replied, “No! I need to see what happens next …” He was a bit offended, because apparently he’s written lots of insightful features on the subject in his capacity as a business journalist. I try reading his insightful features, I do, but my brain freezes up and all I see is “blargle largle largle”.

“Give me a story about the state of Brad and Ange’s carefully crafted, media-savvy relationship and my brain starts working again. Deplorable but true.

“What makes my complete non-awareness of the GFC particularly stunning is that I was living in New York when it all went down. And Husband was studying the whole shebang at business school (while I went slightly mad taking care of the Sprogs in a teeny-tiny apartment). Still, I somehow remained blithely unaware. I must have blocked my ears and gone “lah, lah, lah” every time he said the words ”stock market” and “trouble”. Also, we didn’t have a TV or radio at the time.

“I occasionally bought the New York Post, but mainly for its sensationalist crime stories (or the excellent ones about people keeping five panthers and six pythons in their one-bedroom apartments in the Bronx).

“And so we eventually returned to Australia – where things weren’t quite so bad – and I cheerily got on with my life. Not knowing how close we all came to losing everything. How close we could come again. My chest is getting all tight, I must stop thinking about it … too late … take deep breaths … it was three years ago … things will be fine … won’t they?”

Uh-huh, true story.

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Little lies”



One thought on “Warning! Real-life spoiler alert …

  1. LOL – I feel like that politics sometimes – I just don’t understand how it all works !! When I hear it on the TV or radio all I can hear is blah blah blah and I just can’t follow who the goodies and the baddies are !!! LOL
    Have the best day !

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