Beyonce turns 34, Instagram goes nuts

Forgive this second blog post of the morning, but today is “Bey Day” and social media has gone cray-cray about it.

#beyday has been “trending” on Twitter for hours. There are literally thousands and thousands of messages. This is BIG people.

Wondering what the?

Vanity Fair sums it up best: “Today is a holy day, #BeyDay, as a nation celebrates and honors the life of one Beyoncé Knowles, Queen Bey, the Empress of the Bey Hive. Today, on September 4, 2015, Beyoncé turns 34.”

Take a deep breath, cause I’m about to utter some heresy … I don’t really get the Beyonce thing, I’d have trouble humming even one of her songs.

I’m more excited about it being Kevin Bacon’s wedding anniversary – just look at this sweetness he posted  …


But I’m in a very small minority it seems. Everyone else is berserk for Beyonce. People even want to declare it a national holiday in America.

So, here are just a few of the celebs who’ve worshipped at her birthday altar (even Michelle Obama tweeted a message!!) …


2 thoughts on “Beyonce turns 34, Instagram goes nuts

  1. I wonder what will happen when she turns 40 or 50. I don’t get the whole Beyonce thing either – so you aren’t alone in that !!
    Have the best day.

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