The new me

HouseGoesHome is getting harder and harder to publish by 7am … because I’m finding it harder and harder to get up early.

When I shared a bed with my husband, I’d slide out from under the sheets around 5am and slink to the the computer.

Nowadays, even if I wake around 6am, I snuggle under the doona and don’t want to rise.

And sometimes I snooze all the way through until 6.45am, which is remarkable for me.

It’s not just a snuggly winter thing.

It’s a loving-having-the-bed-to-myself thing.

It’s a feeling-more-relaxed thing.

It’s a new me thing.

It’s lovely.

So is all the glorious sleep. I spent at least seven years battling insomnia, but – knock on wood – the times I need chemical assistance are getting fewer and farther between.

The nightmare of narcolepsy got worse when my ex left – bursts of anxiety would wake me throughout the night. Even elephant tranquiliser style sleeping tablets only kept me unconscious for a few hours.

It was horrible.

I didn’t want to get up early this morning, but I’m working today. Yep, on a public holiday.

I figured – since I don’t have the kids – I might as well nose-to-the-grindstone. I DID NOT want to rise at 6.30am. I grumbled to myself as I pulled on my leopard-print fuzzy dressing gown and hauled the dogs out for a wee.

And I was greeted with the most glorious sunrise in my backyard. Suddenly I didn’t feel so snarly about been upright.


The new me is a bit of a romantic as well …

There are so many smiles … so many “ah, isn’t the world a glorious place?” moments these days.

It’s very distracting, but I quite love it.

What time do you get up in the morning? 

Song of the day:  George Harrison “Here comes the sun”






4 thoughts on “The new me

  1. Yeap, as late as possible for me, too! I love my bed! Oh, and I can look at all the beautiful sunrise pictures on FB at noon! 😂

    • I never used to spend an hour lazing around after I woke up – it helps that I can play on Facebook though without annoying anyone because I have the bed to myself

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