My week: don’t leave me this way

It’s been a lonely week … I was almost tempted to call this post “He’s left me.” But I decided that was too click-baity and naughty.

DD flew out to China and Taiwan on a 10-day work trip last Tuesday. He’s been spending his days in loooooong meetings and his nights eating entrail soup, though he did manage to visit The Great Wall on Friday – which he reckons is awe-inspiring – and send me a selfie.

I’ve kept myself busy, because I’ve forgotten how to slow down.

I took the kids to swimming and sushi train (with lemon meringue gelato for desert) on Tuesday; caught up with the divine Ken and Netty for Thai and a little too much pinot gris on Wednesday; went for a walk with the lovely Fee on Thursday; got my hair cut and headed to the pub with the Kidspot gang on Friday; hung with the kids watching movies and baking muffins on Saturday …

But still, I was a bit 😦

And there are five more days to go. Sigh.

Ah, well, on with the show …

This week at housegoeshome:

photo 1 (3)

>> On Monday, I blogged about the heatwave feast I cooked for my dear former Woman’s Day mates. Click here for the recipes for pesto tarts, one-pan roast chicken & pumpkin bake and frozen strawberry margarita pie.

>> On Tuesday, I nervously speculated that I could probably go on a holiday and not blog, and that it would do me a heap of good … but gawd knows when I’ll find the time or money …

>> On Wednesday, I revealed all the planning I’ve been doing for the youngest’s pool party. The invitations have already been a hit, with one mum emailing to say: “Grace got in the car tonight and said, ‘I got an invitation to Ava’s party and it is the MOST AWESOME INVITATION EVER!!!’ Sure, I thought, I’ve fallen for that most ‘awesome ever thing’ before. And then she pulled it out and I said, ‘OMG that IS the MOST AWESOME invitation ever!!!'”

>> On Thursday, my Facebook feed was full of scary divorce stories that had me fretting, but it also produced this awesome idea for my phone …


>> On Friday, I recalled That Time I was Mistaken For An Ice Addict.

>> On Saturday, it was all about the Top 20 search terms that have led people to HouseGoesHome. When was the last time you Googled “royal boobies”?

Meanwhile, over at kidspot:

The site farewelled it’s amazing editor, Alex, on Friday.

I flung the kids at my ex on Friday arvo so they could bug him at work, while I went to her send-off. I love Alex – we’ve known each other FOREVER – she’s one of the good ones.

I also got to meet loads of the Kidspot gang and put faces to names. Such a nice group of people.

And here’s the stuff I wrote earlier in the week …


>> How this executive used to treat mothers in the workplace … before she had a baby of her own … might shock you, but sadly it probably won’t surprise you. And now she’s apologising >>

>> Reese Witherspoon’s ex Ryan Phillippe speaks out about passing on his depression to their teen daughter >>

>> The newborn that’s become the tragic new face of Australia’s domestic violence crisis >>

>> What does the government scrapping the GP co-payment mean to your family? >>

>> Mary Poppins gets a heavy metal makoever in this hilarious music clip >>

>> Check out all the cute pics as Jodi Gordon’s daughter Aleeia celebrates her first birthday (Warning: your ovaries WILL ache) >>

>> Prepare to be creeped out … a photographic studio is offering “future bride” photo shoots for babies >>

Song of the day: The Communards “Don’t leave me this way”

4 thoughts on “My week: don’t leave me this way

  1. I would have been disappointed if you had chosen any other song with that Header, Alana! Though that in itself will make for a few extra hits this weekend. 🙂

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