Ever Googled “royal boobies”?


There’s an innocuous little box in the back of my wordpress site called “search engine terms”

It tells me what people have typed into Google that’s directed them to my site.

Sometimes I think the box should be renamed “there is no hope for humanity.”

The things people search can be gobsmackingly horrifying.

But yesterday, the “search engine terms”  just made me laugh. Someone was curious about “triceratops sex position for humans.” As opposed to, you know, triceratops sex position for dinosaurs.

Blessedly, the number one thing people have searched since the blog started is “house goes home.”

But things go a bit pear shaped after that. (Though, to be fair I HAVE written about most of that stuff, which is why I get the clicks in the first place. Pot. Kettle. Black.)

Here’s HouseGoesHome’s top 20 search terms:

1. house goes home

2. princess kate nude

3. triceratops sex position

5. naked women alone in the home

6. sandra bullock legs

7. whitney houston corpse

8. celebrity sex tape

9. royal boobies

10. mad science party theme

11. sofia vergara breast exposed

12. sofia vergara butt crack

13. roast beef fritters

14. doctor who porn

15. hot 50 year old men

16. orgy

17. banana dare

18. kathleen folbigg

19. cat bearding

20. channing tatum fat

Song of the day: REM “It’s the end of the world as we know it”


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