My addiction problem solved

ice (1)

Remember when I was sick in bed and a woman called to say she’d heard about my ice addiction, then offered her support whenever I needed it?

Click here for a refresher if it doesn’t ring a bell.

Well, I finally got to the bottom of the mystery yesterday.

It was my beautician.

She has a friend called Alana and a client called Alana and she mixed the two up when she dialled her phone.


Wasn’t she embarrassed …

How about you? Ever stuffed up like that?

2 thoughts on “My addiction problem solved

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  1. It was an old girlfriend who stuffed up. She sent an e-mail to her sister, Geraldine, didn’t check the autofil, and it arrived at my Inbox. It was the “Ge..” that caught her out.

    The e-mail announced the end of our relationship and was quite scathing of me, my weight and my lack of academic achievement (she was a PhD at the time) and was exceedingly spiteful.

    I responded with a comment that she had overstated my weight by 30 kilos and it took her about 20 minutes to work out what I was on about! Suffice it to say the apologies were flowery and voluminous, if that’s how apologies can be!

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