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iVillage team and Mia - 2
The team – Mia, me, Lana and Nicky.

How’s this for a co-incidence – exactly a year ago I wrote the following …

I’m wondering if it’s time to look for a job. When I told a school mum, she looked aghast – a bit like Munch’s The Scream – and wanted to know why. I said I was worried about becoming obsolete, that I’d wake up one day and realise my only career prospect was as a check-out chick. I know, I know, I’m being ridiculous … No-one would hire me as a check-out chick. Not with my barcode scanner phobia. Even when there’s a queue of 20 at the check-out and zero at the scan-’em-yourself aisle, I always choose the check-out. (Well, the blathery check-out bloke with the grey ponytail gives me pause, but I think he’s on holidays at the moment.) If staff suggest using the scan-’em-yourself aisle – and making themselves redundant – I shake my head frantically, like they’ve suggested I strip naked. Long, long ago, I spent a summer holiday working as a check-out chick. I was 16 or 17. I would’ve overcome my barcode phobia back then, when my brain was fully functional, except there were no barcodes (or mobile phones or laptops or DVD players or Facebook or cable … geezy louisy, how did we survive?). There were just big cash registers with buttons to push, and price stickers. Actually, not always price stickers. I think I was supposed to memorise the prices of all 600 items in the store. But my memory wasn’t that good, even when I did have a fully functional brain. If the manager wasn’t around for price checks, I’d just guess how much the frozen peas were. Fortunately it was a corner store in a seaside village filled with tourists who expected to be gouged for their frozen peas, so I never got pulled up on it. But the manager didn’t request my services again next summer. So maybe somebody did complain. Bastards.

And today – a leisurely 12 months later – a press release has gone out, announcing my new role. I’m editing Yep, I’m a fully fledged member of the digital revolution.

Confession: I’m just a bit exciting (OK, a lot). Click here for the link to my 15 minutes of fame.

PS Calling all bloggers with brillant posts to share … I’m interested! You’ll find me at

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  1. Great news so happy for you, congrats and very well done. Want to know if you can do this in your pj’s like the school drop off.

  2. Belated congratulations, Alana! We all knew you would bounce back!
    Also read with great interest the Good Weekend article when I finally unwrapped The Age this morning…at last there is some light being shone on Kathy’s situation.

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