HouseGoesHollywood: Glee star sued for sexual battery, Michael Douglas’ son fails jail drug test

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It was all about the inauguration in the US last night. Here are the tidbits that weren’t political …

Glee star sued for sexual battery

Actor Mark Salling – who has played jock chorus singer Puck since Season 1 of the hit series Glee – has been sued by an ex-girlfriend who claims that he committed sexual battery by forcing her to have sex without a condom twice.

After the incident, Roxanne Gorzela claims that he never returned her phone calls or texts to inquire about the last time he was tested for STDs and, when she went to his house to ask him in person, he grabbed and pushed her, causing her to hit her head. A police report she filed the following day was included in her lawsuit.

“There is no truth to this,” his rep told E! News. “We turn the rest over to Mark’s attorneys and have no further comment.” 

Michael Douglas’ son busted with drugs in jail

The New York Post reports: “Michael Douglas’ junkie son, Cameron, can’t stay clean — he got busted this month for having drugs in his system at the federal prison in Loretto, Pa., where he’s serving a 10-year stint for dealing.

“Douglas failed a urinalysis and was immediately sent to solitary confinement the first week of January, according to a prison source …

“Recently, Douglas suffered a broken leg and finger behind bars after a crime-family captain put a $100 bounty on him for being a ‘rat’ a prison insider says.”

It’s not the first time Cameron’s been caught with drugs behind bars. Previously he had 4 1/2 years added to his sentence for smuggling in heroin and a prescription narcotic while at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

He’s not eligible to be released from jail until 2018.

Hot pics & clicks

Rihanna tweeted: “chillin’ behind the scenes of a new mag cover shoot! Stay tuned #2013″ 

Taylor Swift has let her Twitter followers know that Michael J. Fox has apologised for saying he didn’t want her to date his son. That girl is shameless!


A clip of Amanda Seyfried playing 70s porn star Linda Lovelace in a controversial new biopic has been released. In the video, she opens up about her feelings surrounding sex. Watch it here.

Before Sunrise fans rejoice, in the latest sequel, Before Midnight, they are madly in love with twin daughters. 


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