Halloween Aussie style

I love the way Aussies transform foreign traditions. Halloween becomes an excuse for a street party – neighbours gathered on folding chairs on their front lawns, drinking beers and nattering, while their kids marauded the suburb for lollies.

We hit the sultry streets around 4.30pm. Every time the Sprogs saw a pumpkin decoration they’d launch into Olympic-worthy sprints to the front door. I still don’t understand why speed was so important. By the fourth street their pace had slowed considerably.

It was quite the visual feast, particularly seeing how adults embraced the occasion. Many dressed up, some even created spoky caves in their front yards for the kids to explore. My favourites were the middle-aged couple, sans children, who promenaded their way through the suburb in costume. His sheer black singlet was quite something.

We ended the night with a sausage sizzle at a friend’s house, wandering off into the darkness about 8.30pm and returning home to the dulcet tones of YET ANOTHER PARTY at the not-so-neighbourly neighour’s house. Any excuse to turn the stereo up and swear at the top of their voices.

I knew I should’ve bought a kilo of prawns in addition to a kilo of lollies at the supermarket. It would have been my little Halloween trick/treat to chuck a few over their fence.

Here are a few happy snaps from the fun part of the day …

The promenading middle-aged couple

2 thoughts on “Halloween Aussie style

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  1. Wow your neighborhood goes all out. We had one group of knockers. I got mooned! And that was before I told them we had no lollies! I’m yet to check the car tyres.

  2. it was quite fun around our area. The people who did do it went all out. jack got a huge amount of sweets, most of which were gone by bedtime.

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