I have form in this area

I got a “free” flu vaccination yesterday.

I say “free” because I was given a voucher by my workplace, but it actually cost me $17 due to human error.

More specifically my error.

I was sure I’d booked the appointment for a Terry White chemist a few kilometres east of my apartment. But when I got there – via a bus ride as I’d absentmindedly let the youngest drive the car to school – I was informed I had booked the appointment at a Terry White chemist a few kilometres west of my apartment.

Getting there in time for my 1pm appointment involved a $17 cab ride with an excessively chatty Russian cab driver who couldn’t understand a word I said. My stress levels were not improved by having to repeat every noncommittal response I made to his blather.

The whole palaver was most annoying. I was too cheap to pay for a cab home and it was a two-bus trip back, so I chose to trudge cross country for 30 minutes in shoes not designed for the task.

Why am I so hopeless at this stuff? It doesn’t seem to matter what checks I put in place, I keep making mistakes.

I was still very proud of myself for being responsible and getting my first ever flu jab … at least for the first few hours.

And then I was very dismayed, as it gave me a mild cough and chest pains.

The only other culprit might be the bloke whose soup I stole. It was heavily laced with chillies and nearly blew my head off when I ate it after my flu jab.

But he was thrilled when I messaged to tell him that while it was fiery it was delicious with well integrated spices (he’d asked for a review).

He now wants to organise a formal lunch swap day among the staff.

I’ve started a trend!

Oh and the chest pains and cough seem to be gone after a good night’s sleep. Well, being woken by the garbage collectors at 5am wasn’t good, but I managed to drift off again until the dogs started barking at 6am.

Have a good weekend. Catch you next week.

Song of the day: Split Enz “That was my mistake”

2 thoughts on “I have form in this area

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  1. can I say so many of your posts are great…and some funny…hope you don’t mind, I’ve shared your sting the tail post to just about every female friend I know……and yeah, COVID, there’s still a war in this country over that….over social media and in various government homes…can hardly wait for the next pandemic….

    1. Did you hear about all the viruses that might be released when the ice melts in Siberia? Thanks for reading. I try to be funny when possible, but some weeks are less amusing than others!

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