It’s oh so quiet

It felt weird leaving work yesterday and heading home, knowing the apartment would be dark and empty … well, except for two excited fur babies.

There was no dinner to cook and no conversation to have. I heated up some leftover spag bol and wrote a few Drinks Digest stories in the silence.

It was both relaxing and a bit sad, as it was a preview of what’s to come as a single mum whose kids will soon fly the nest. While it will be awesome to not have to clean up messes I didn’t create, I will miss their company.

The eldest was at the premiere of a friend’s movie, Evil Dead Rise, last night.

IMDB describes it as “A twisted tale of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable.”

I think I’ll stick to the Barbie movie. I am very not good with horror.

I can’t even steel myself to watch the trailer.

But go Morgan, who stars as one of the kids. He’s had dinner at my place a couple of times and is so lovely … brush with fame!

The youngest is on the Central Coast, spending a few nights at someone’s beach house.

I wish I had a beach house. It might entice the kids to visit me occasionally once they’ve flown off.

OK, gotta run. Today is Sugar Paws grooming day for the doggos, so I need to put in a few hard yards at work before I drop them off for their hideously expensive haircuts.

Catch ya!

Song of the day: Bjork “It’s oh so quiet”

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