Will you be watching?

How was your Easter? Mine was quiet and uneventful, other than dropping a broken dishwasher on my foot while hauling it onto the nature strip for the council clean up.


It joined a huge haul of broken and obsolete objects that had been sitting in my garage since I moved into my apartment.

I just need to get rid of all the boxes that all my new furniture came in and I might have a functioning two-car garage.

I even watched a movie on Netflix on Sunday night, which is pretty rare in my hectic whirl. It got crap reviews, but I thought ‘Ticket to Paradise’ – starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney – was a pleasant bit of escapist fun.

Interestingly, while Rotten Tomatoes says the critics gave it 58%, audiences gave it 87%.

One of the more positive critics said: “Ticket to Paradise may not send viewers all the way to the promised land, but this reunion for a pair of megawatt stars is still an agreeably frothy good time.”

A viewer said: “A-list stars, beautiful scenery, and a lighthearted romcom story — what else could you want from Ticket to Paradise?”

I agree!

Interestingly, while the movie purports to be set in Bali, it was actually filmed in Queensland. I should have know that as a former weekly magazine editor, but I’d forgotten Julia and George were hanging out in Oz a few years ago.

Filming locations included the Whitsunday Islands (above), the HOTA gallery at the Gold Coast, Brisbane Airport, cane fields near Norwell, Tamborine National Park (below), Queen’s Wharf, Brisbane, Hamilton Island Airport, Carrara Markets, Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island and the Palm Bay Resort on Long Island.

Queensland looks absolutely stunning in it. Read more about the locations here.

I reckon the next polarising movie on the horizon will be ‘Barbie’. Have you watched the trailer?

I find myself oddly delighted by it. I’m putting it down to my current desire for escapism.

Speaking of delighted, the new Indiana Jones trailer made me smile so hard when I watched it.

Isn’t it glorious? I can’t wait!

How about you?

Speaking of glorious, I managed to bob in the ocean twice over Easter, which was so wonderful. While it’s getting a bit nippy, it always fills me with joy to be in the waves.

DD said he thought they might be our last swims of the season as he shivered on the shore afterwards, but I checked the weather forecast and next weekend is looking mighty fine …

Song of the day: The Police “Every breath you take”

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