He’s still got it

I really wasn’t expecting Daryl Braithwaite to make me cry on Friday night, but he did.

My boss gave her parents tickets to see Daryl at Twilight at Taronga as a Christmas present and they couldn’t make it, so I scored their spots.

DD and I went along with low expectations and left on a high.

A Watermelon Sugar high to be exact. Yep, that was his encore.

Why? Harry Styles is a fan of Horses and has been singing it on his Aussie tour. So Daryl decided to reciprocate.

I have been a bit keen to see Harry in concert, especially as people on my neighbourhood Facebook page have fallen victim to COVID-19 and offered their tickets at very desirable prices, but I ended up deciding all the teenage screaming would get to me.

I mean, I understand the urge to scream because Harry has been performing looking like THIS …

I want to eat him with a spoon. Especially when he sings Watermelon Sugar.

But to be honest, that’s his only song that I know. Mainly, I think, because the meaning behind it being so infamous.

Moving on …

It rained, as it always does when I go to Twilight at Taronga, but it didn’t matter because Daryl was AWESOME. It blows me away that he is 74 and still rocking the way he does. The crowd went nuts when he sang classics including Howzat, which went to No.1 on the charts in 1976.

And the song that made me cry when he sang it was As the days go by.

It is so bizarre what moves me, as it has never particularly resonated with me in the past. But I loved it.

Bloody excellent night. 11 out of 10.

Here are some happy snaps that DD took …

PS I have since discovered that Harry sang a duet with Daryl on stage on Saturday night and I am suffering deep regret that I wasn’t there to see it in person. Sad face.

Harry bowed to Daryl on stage and announced to the crowd: “He’s a TimTam, he’s a shoey, he’s Vegemite…. He’s Mr Daryl Braithwaite.”

What a moment!

Song of the day: Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar”

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