Triple Franki treat

The most bizarre thing happened on Saturday.

The day featured three people called Franki. And I double booked two of them for 12pm.

What are the odds of that?

Many moons ago I met a university graduate called Franki. She came to work at Cosmopolitan magazine and I was dazzled by her enthusiasm – she was the most can-do person I’d ever encountered.

We have stayed in touch over the years and she gave me some work when I lost my job and was struggling at the height of COVID-19, bless her.

But we hadn’t managed to catch up in person for years, due to the demands of being busy single mums.

Months ago we agreed to have lunch at 12pm on March 4. I completely forgot that I had made an appointment to get my roots done at 12pm with my colourist, who is also called Franki.

What are the odds of that?

When the diary reminder came through for lunch with Franki, I had already confirmed my roots appointment with Franki.

So I frantically rearranged to have coffee with my ex-colleague at 10am … which created another clash because I’d agreed to take some boxes over to Marrickville on Saturday morning to the eldest’s bestie … Franki … who is moving house.

What are the odds of that?

So the third Franki got bumped to Saturday afternoon.

Coffee with the first Franki of the day was a huge talkfest. We had so much to catch up on and are both juggling the stress of parenting and big jobs. But we have sworn to make sure it’s not years before we catch up again.

Getting my hair coloured by Franki was fun too, because she’s a cool chick and it was also a chance to chitter chat with my hairdresser of 20+ years, Mark. He is threatening to leave me and move to Adelaide and is flying there for another recce next week.

He is accustomed to my melodramas, so was completely unmoved by me having a freaky Franki day.

The third Franki, meanwhile, was thrilled with the delivery of moving boxes and also very excited that I am taking him and the eldest on a weekend away in a few months time.

The weekend away is an attempt at compensation for the eldest having the most horrendous time on our last holiday together in Fiji, due to battling COVID-19 fevers in an un-airconditioned hut.

Shudder … excuse me while I knock on wood …

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and I had a terrible night’s sleep – laced with anxiety – in my un-air- conditioned bedroom. Far out it was hot yesterday. I will be a zombie at work today.

The anxiety was sparked by a combination of bad memories bubbling back up (why do they do that in the middle of the night?) and stress over the logistics of a busy week ahead.

Deep breaths …

Song of the day: Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Relax”

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  1. I seem to remember another 80s band, think they were called Bucks Fizz or something, and didn’t they have a tune called Franki too?? or maybe I’m thinking of another band?

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