Where I’d rather be

Remember my cruise in the Kimberley? The boat that we travelled on has introduced a new once-a-year trip between Geraldton and Broome that kicks off tomorrow.

I am sooooo wishing I was on board. I feel a powerful urge to grab life with both hands and have big adventures while I can. Life is too short to waste sitting at a computer 12 hours a day.

The yearning has been turbocharged by my colleague announcing yesterday that he is taking three months off to drive around Australia in a converted kombi van.

How awesome would that be?

The 13-day Western Australia Coastal Cruise goes to all these places:

  • Abrolhos Island
  • Anenomi lump
  • Wallabi Group of Islands
  • Batavia Wreck
  • Steep Point, Shark Bay
  • Monkey Rock
  • Dirk Hartog Islands
  • Turtle Bay
  • Bernier and Dorre Islands
  • Exmouth / Mackeral islands
  • Serrurier island
  • Montebello Islands
  • Ningaloo
  • Mermaid Reef – mermaid wall and mermaid caves
  • Broome

Have you even heard of half those places? I haven’t … and I’ve decided that’s what appeals to me.

The dream of a European Christmas cruise has gone by the wayside. I’ve decided my heart yearns to be off the beaten track.

The Coastal Cruise isn’t possible this year because DD just started a new job recently and I am parenting a child doing the HSC. But I really hope we get there one day.

In the meantime, I am thinking about taking a few days off here and there to rebalance myself.

I’m having a flex day on Friday to take the youngest to a secret music festival. I would tell you more … but it’s secret!

Stay tuned for the details next week.

It has been quite the parental negotiation as the youngest wanted to drive three hours to the festival ON HER OWN with her friend.

Her father would’ve had kittens. She tried to get out of asking his permission because it was during a weekend that she spends with me.

I said NO DICE. Some decisions aren’t mine to make alone.

She eventually relented and said I come come along and agreed we could travel together in my car.

Yay. Lucky me.

The girls are sleeping in a tent. I am very not a tent person, so I have bought a self-inflating mattress to go in the back of my car. I misread the shelf label at BCF, so the youngest’s inheritance has been spent.

But I will be sleeping in relative comfort.

I can’t say I am looking forward to being driven by the youngest on a highway for the first time to a music festival in the middle of nowhere with no showers, only portaloos.

The things you do for love.

Song of the day: 10CC “The things we do for love”

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  1. 1st time the feral drove long distance, she thought it would be easy – made it to Bulahdelah & handed over to me.
    Make sure you have lots of stops, like each hour if it’s her 1st time on a freeway, the concentrating on the road is very tiring, surprising. 1 time mum was right

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