Everything and nothing

You would think someone on the brink of their 55th birthday would have their shit together.

But, alas, no.

Last night’s dinner was scratched together from two cans of lentils and a can of kidney beans, mixed with curry paste to make cheat’s dhal.

It didn’t even qualify as vegetarian due to me cutting my thumb on the lentil can and spurting blood all over the place.

The dogs’ dinner was a can of tuna, as I’d run out of both wet and dry food and was too knackered to go to Woolies.

The house looks like a brothel. I still haven’t put everything back in the laundry and bathroom after getting my travertine marble cleaned on Monday at vast expense.

Despite the breathtaking bill there are two big tiles in each bathroom that still have black stains on them. Apparently it will cost $3000-4000 to grind the mould out. Even the travertine cleaning bloke is advising against it.

Alana is advising against laying travertine in your house. It is highly porous and very annoying.

To top things off DD idly asked me yesterday if I had a copy of the title to my apartment. I have no idea why it came up in conversation, but I searched through my emails in a wild panic and FFS I don’t.

The conveyancer has offered to get me one for $27. Yes please.

Meanwhile, DD spent his evening at a friend’s place in Adelaide with this view …

His friend inherited the place. Sigh.

Next week I’m officially halfway through my 50s. Even deeper sigh.

I am trying to take comfort in 64-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis just receiving her first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The accolade comes after 44 years of acting for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Maybe there’s still hope for me to hit my peak.

I love that Jamie is stealing the spotlight for being talented, down to earth and supportive of other women.

Ever since she joyously kissed Michelle Yeoh at the SAG Awards the world can’t get enough of her. Go Jamie, you are my new poster girl.

Now, if I could just get off the hamster wheel … and do some award-worthy acting like I have my shit together.

Song of the day: The Police “Every little thing she does is magic”

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