Lashing out

While I am a little prickly at the moment … blame it on moving house exhaustion … my moodiness isn’t what this blog post is about.

Following my shock at the price for a row of IKEA kitchen cupboards, I went online and bought an actual piece of furniture yesterday.

Wanna take a look?

Show and tell time …

I am very excited by my purchase and also a little terrified, as I have never spent that much on a piece of furniture in my life.

Although, a 20% Black Friday discount on an expensive piece of furniture is a very impressive figure.

I can’t wait to see the hutch positioned against my living room wall.

I am less enthusiastic about seeing the delivery guys after they’ve hauled it up 24 stairs. I will not be popular.

I kinda rushed into the purchase because I am sick of being surrounded by boxes and having nowhere to unpack them. I also bought a storage cupboard from OzDesign for the kitchen last night.

I am on fire!

I am also totally riddled with anxiety about whether I have done the right thing. My chest is so tight with the enormity of it … I need to take deep breaths and calm down … my Aunty died from a widow-maker heart attack, I don’t want to follow her.

Focus on the positive Alana .. all going well, there will be no boxes in the house within the week – hurrah!

Next project: finding a sexy desk in the sales.

I am so happy with my new home. I may be speaking too soon, but I feel like I want to live here for a very long time.

Now, if I could just sort out the dog wee situation. Today I am in the city for work, followed by my team Christmas party. That’s a long time for the dogs to be locked inside the apartment.

I need to investigate where I can buy pieces of turf so I can make a doggie loo on the balcony and save myself a few trips up and down the stairs every day.

There are services that deliver it for you, but I want to be sure the dogs will use the bloody stuff before I sign up.

Speaking of the dogs, I’d better take them for a walk before my one-stop commute.

Song of the day: Black Box “Ride on time”

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