Lunch with Jon Bon Jovi

I had lunch with Jon Bon Jovi yesterday. Well, kinda, sorta.

I ate lunch while Jon Bon Jovi watched me via Zoom from his house in the United States. Well, kinda, sorta.

Jon probably didn’t even noticed me, as I was surrounded by lots of glamorous influencers wearing shiny taffeta dresses.

Jon was hosting a virtual masterclass with his son Jesse at Harbourfront Seafood Restaurant in The Rocks to promote their wine brand – Hampton Water Rosé.

They’ve collaborated with renowned French winemaker Gérard Bertrand to produce the multi-award-winning rosé. Its creation was inspired by the famed muso’s love of pink wine.

The Bon Jovi family spend their summers in the Hamptons, where Jesse notes that “people drink more rosé than they drink water”.

“The running joke was that we weren’t drinking rosé; we were drinking Hampton water,” he recalls. “That just turned into a pet name between me and my buddies. We were buying bottles and going to the Surf Lodges of the world, calling everything we were drinking Hampton water.”

So that’s what he decided to call the wine label. Genius move.

Throughout the masterclass, Jon sat in an armchair with a glass of pink wine in his hand, which had lots of ice cubes rattling around in it.

We sipped our glass without the ice, accompanied by some rather delicious food.

I wouldn’t normally be able to go to daytime functions due to having a full-time job these days, but the event was literally two minutes walk from my work, so I popped in for an hour.

The influencer sitting beside me was doing the same – she has a day job working at a bank.

Here’s a pic of my lunch, with a bonus glamorous influencer in the background …

I am a huge pink wine fan and my verdict on Hampton Water is that it is very good. I was quite impressed.

It’s available from Dan Murphy’s stores for $34.99 per bottle.

After eating my fancy lunch with the Bon Jovi duo, I headed back to the office to tap away at my computer for the rest of the arvo.


A few hours later, I went to my work Xmas dinner. Big day. Huge.

I didn’t sleep well after all those excesses, but I need to hustle out of bed early this morning to drop the youngest at the gym.

Then I’m heading back to the city for another stint in the office, before taking the eldest out to celebrate his 19th birthday.

I’d like to say I’m having an early night, but I need to clear a space for my giant piece of furniture that’s being delivered.

Poor me!

Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Bon Jovi “Bed of roses”

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