There goes that idea

I got such a shock yesterday. You know how IKEA is supposed to be low budget? Well, I booked a free, virtual kitchen consultation to get the glass-doored cupboard thingy that I showed you last week costed up.

I just wanted the part on the back wall of this kitchen …

A lovely woman called Tamara itemized it for me and announced it would be $4800. That was without the wine bottle cupboards below the bench or the white shelving.

Oh, and it doesn’t include installation … I’d have to shop around on AirTasker for the best price on that.

Blimey! I told Tamara that I would have to think about it.

I don’t actually have to think about it, I was just being polite. I’m not paying that much money for a pile of flat-packed cupboards.

So back to the drawing board on that one.

In other weekend news, I got a last minute invitation from my sister to go to Hot Dub Time Machine in the Sydney Botanic Gardens on Friday night.

I jumped on the bus at my new place, and got off one stop later at Wynyard Station. Bliss! Then I walked down to the Sydney Opera House to meet my sis, her ex husband (who is a HUGE Hot Dub fan), one of her besties and her husband.

Circular Quay was absolutely jammed with crowds, plus Vance Joy was playing on the Sydney Opera House steps so it was bedlam.

I reckon there were at least 5000 people at Hot Dub, all dancing in a heaving mass and singing their lungs out. I feared it would be a COVID-19 soup, but so far I don’t have any symptoms … knock on wood …

Hot Dub aka. Sydney DJ Tom Loud l, plays songs in strict chronological order, mixing and mashing visuals and audio live from vinyl turntables.

He starts at 1954 and works his way through to the present day. Around when I gave birth to my first child in 2003 I stopped recognising most of the songs – and my old bones started hurting – but up until that point it was a blast.

Speaking of blasts, he had these big towers that shot fire into the air, plus there were fabulous fireworks when he played John Paul Young’s Love Is In The Air.

Bulk fun.

Oh, and I got the official photos from the Daintree eco bar event that I went to last week, so I’ve added one as the main pic to prove I made a friend.

And the above one to prove cute Costa was there.

In other happy news, there is a nail salon around the block from my new apartment so I got my toes shellac-ed yesterday, which opens up lots more wardrobe choices for me as I finally don’t feel embarrassed to have my toenails on display.

Then I headed up to DD’s and convinced him to go for a quick, brisk dip in the ocean with me.

All in all, a pretty good weekend.

The apartment still looks like a bomb exploded in it though.

Moving house is a lot of work.

Hope your weekend went well and my heart goes out to anyone in a flood zone right now.

Song of the day: John Paul Young “Love is in the air”

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