I liked it!

I took my brother-in-law/Choices Flooring purveyor to measure up my new apartment yesterday.

I was a bit nervous about how the place would look without all the fancy rented furniture in it, but I still really liked it, even on a rainy, grey day.

Woo hoo!

And phew.

The real estate agent gave me a piece of the travertine marble that features on the kitchen splashback and in the hallway and bathrooms to take home to help me decide on the right shade for my new floorboards.

Much agonising is now taking place.

I think I will be returning to the Choices Flooring St Leonard’s showroom on the weekend with my chunk of marble to look at the planks in real life.

Well, they’re not actual planks. They’re vinyl ones. But I need to get something that won’t be noisy for the people who live below my apartment.

Welcome to the compromises that come with apartment living.

Those compromises have left me feeling a little sad for Charlie the Moodle.

He will miss our backyard very much. He spends hours out there at night exploring. I hope he doesn’t get depressed.

I was feeling a bit depressed by the body corporate’s pet application form last night. While I have located the microchip certificate (which says Charlie is female) I still need to track down Bilbo’s, plus registration certificates and vaccination certificates for them both.

As if moving house wasn’t stressful enough already.

On the upside, Charlie met a celebrity of the dog world yesterday.

As we were walking to get my morning coffee we passed the Doggy Daycare Farm Trips bus. And owner Luke was at the wheel, wearing his signature red shirt and hat!

I feel like I know him from watching all his YouTube videos, so I waved and he opened the bus door to say hello. I told him how much I wished my dogs could go for a day on the farm, but Bilbo would have a meltdown because he prefers humans to other dogs.

Luke was so nice. I walked off feeling very smiley.

Maybe I could send Charlie for a farm day if he gets really sad.

Song of the day: George Benson “Give me the night”

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