Wet and wild

The weather in Sydney has been insane this week. It has felt like the end of days. The rain is beyond torrential. I lie in bed listening to it pound on the roof and marvel at its relentless intensity.

Mind you there wasn’t much time for marveling in bed this morning as I am up at sparrow’s fart to take one of my offspring to hospital for a surgical procedure.

Being the designated driver required a change of plans last night. I thought the arrival time at the hospital was going to be midday so I’d organised to go partying at two media events with my friend Sue.

First we were going to sip wine at a Darling Point mansion for the launch of musician Post Malone’s Rosé; then we were heading to a Tia Maria function featuring Client Liaison.

The Tia Maria function required one of us to wear green (for Matcha Tia Maria) and the other to wear black (for regular Tia Maria).

So I kitted myself out in a green jacket with a dress covered in green leaves. And Sue looked super glam in black.

But, after learning I would be on the road before daylight the next morning, I made the sensible decision to drive to the mansion, sip a single glass of wine, slurp a couple oysters, watch shirtless male models in pink suits dance around waving bottles of wine, then drive home.

So, a pretty low-key night …

Now i am facing the cold, hard light of a new morning and I will need to be back at the hospital in a few hours to check on my child’s recovery.

In the meantime I have a newsletter to publish for my day job. Better get onto that.

Have a good weekend, don’t drive into any floodwaters and I will catch you next week.

Song of the day: thought I’d better run something by Post Malone despite only having the vaguest of ideas about who he is. Apparently this is one of his biggest hits.

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