Walk of shame

I did a walk of shame yesterday.

According to Dictionary.com “walk of shame” means: “The return trip home the morning after an unplanned sexual encounter, usually a one-night-stand, wearing clothing from the previous evening.”

Yep, that about covers it, except without the one-night stand bit.

It’s even less glamorous doing a walk of shame when you’re 55 than it was when you were 25.

I went to the Northern Beaches on Monday night with a Millon Wines virtual reality tasting kit to share with friends. The tasting pack included a Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Tempranillo and Shiraz from the Eden Valley winery’s The Impressionist Wines series.

The kit came with a cheeseboard tea towel offering pairing recommendations to purchase foods that matched the wines, plus Spotify playlists for each wine and 360° vineyard videos.

It’s a great concept – the only thing missing in the virtual reality extravaganza was commentary from the winemaker. It wasn’t quite the same having me read out the tasting notes to everyone.

I must confess I hadn’t heard of Millon prior to the tasting, but the wines were absolutely delicious.

I had planned to just sip each one and head home afterwards, since it was a school night.

But I couldn’t resist having a proper glass of each one, so I had to stay over up there.

I was completely unprepared for a sleepover – no toothbrush, no clean undies, no make-up, no nasal spray, no clothes for work the next day …

So I sent the alarm for 6.30am yesterday morning, struggled out of bed, pulled on my clothes from the night before, scuttled out to my car with my sandals in my hand and drove home.

It takes about an hour to drive to the city from DD’s place – longer in peak hour traffic – so there wasn’t time for a shower. I just raced inside to let the dogs out for a wee, packed the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes the eldest had left lying everywhere (grrrr), cleaned my teeth, put on some lippie and a pair of clean undies and bolted to work.

I was feeling very grotty and weary by bedtime last night. Actually, I still feel out of whack today.

But it was fun at the time!

Song of the day: Juice Newton “Angel of the morning”

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