Rabbit holes

How was your weekend? Mine was spent down rabbit holes … with a bonus pair of neon rabbit ears on Saturday night.

Let’s start with the rabbit holes.

I became completely obsessed with getting this funky IKEA kitchen for my new apartment, complete with black benchtops and sink …

Many, many hours were spent sketching kitchen designs when I should have been packing for my move.

I also mused hybrid flooring options at my brother in law’s Choices Flooring showroom and took two samples home to contemplate.

I think will go for the oak one if I can get floating floorboards past the body corporate. That’s on today’s to-do list.

I took a break from sketching on Saturday night to go to dinner with DD’s friends at Chin Chin in Surry Hills. Chin Chin is very hip, but also very noisy and I am very middle-aged with mild hearing loss, so I am none the wiser about what some of the people at the table have been doing since I last saw them.

We were sitting at a corner table near a pair of the restaurant’s famous bunny ears so, of course, I had to get a selfie. The ears were also a handy backdrop for my Pineapple Margarita shot.

After dinner a few of us wandered across to the much quieter and appropriately named Golden Age Bar at Paramount House Hotel, where DD and I sipped appropriately named Old Fashioneds.

My head was a tiny bit sore on Sunday morning due to forgetting for the millionth time to drink a glass of water before going to bed.

But I popped a few Nurofen, shared a bacon and egg roll with DD at my local cafe – while Bilbo gazed at my brekkie longingly – then got on with the important work of sketching kitchens when I should have been packing for my move.

I finally knuckled down to a few hours of filling various rubbish and clothing bins, then treated myself to a trip to the local homemaker centre, where I fantasized about a dark, dramatic decor featuring walnut furniture and black leather armchairs.

It was looking so fabulous in my imagination, I was literally vibrating with excitement.

But it turned out to be a complete time waster because I decided late last night that I really don’t need the stress of a kitchen renovation in my life.

The current white kitchen in my new apartment doesn’t match all the moody walnut furniture that was on my shortlist, so I’m very glad I didn’t wildly order things online.

The new decor plan is white and green with black accents. I already have my eye on a white shuttered storage cupboard to go with my existing green velvet sofa and fake plant collection. The look will be a bit British colonial … well that’s the current concept, who knows what tomorrow will bring …

How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Icehouse “I can’t help myself”

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