Skipping spam

The mums who are in Darwin for the 2022 Australian Rope Skipping Championships have been sending me photos and updates on the competition, which kicked off on Saturday.

I was very excited yesterday when the youngest’s teammates scored Silver for their four-person freestyle routine. Sadly the youngest wasn’t competing in the event because there are six girls in her team now and they’ve had to share the routines around.

But she did get a Bronze medal for Single Rope Pairs Double Unders! That’s where the rope passes under their feet twice for each jump and they do as many as they can in 30 seconds without either of them making a mistake. I think …

I have been putting all the photos I like into a shopping cart on the official photographer’s website, but I haven’t bought them yet because you get a discount for bulk purchases. I am hoping that a few more pop up from yesterday and today’s events.

Sadly the girls’ signature routine, Three-Person Double Dutch, was a blow out. Damn, it looked so good in the rehearsal pics (above).

I think there are still some Double Dutch speed events and a Four-Person Double Dutch routine to go today, However, the youngest has been plagued by injuries this year, so it will be a tough one.

And then she and her dad are off to do a bit of sightseeing in the NT.

Oh, and finally, check out this guy’s amazing solo …

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