That’s garbage

How did you spend the national day of mourning? I found it a little befuddling.

I had to keep fighting the urge to put the bins out because my brain was convinced it was Sunday night.

I’m not sure that’s what Her Late Majesty had in mind when she decreed a public holiday in her honour.

I started the day by walking in the driving rain with my poor friend Alice, who would have probably preferred coffee in a dry cafe. But I spend so much time sitting in front of a computer that I like to get moving when I can.

Then I did the grocery shopping and took the oversized new sandals I bought online back to David Jones. And it turns out the reason they were so huge is that they were MEN’S sandals.

I totally screwed that order up.

Then I collected the youngest from the bus stop following a sleepover on the Northern Beaches. She’d just gone for a dip in the ocean brrrrrrrrr. The aftermath was immortalised on Instagram in her own inimitable style: an outdoor shower shot in a tiny black bikini, paired with a grimace and white Crocs.

I took her for a twirl around the block that houses our new apartment. It looked a bit grotty from the street, which was disheartening. Then I reminded myself that I have saved gazillions buying something that isn’t super fancy.

The youngest suggested that perhaps DD could pop over with his Karcher and do some high pressure spraying.

Bless her naivety.

I reminded myself that I will thoroughly enjoy all the things I can do with those gazillions … once I’ve been sensible and put some of the funds into my superannuation. I can buy a new car, going on holidays, get a new bread bin and shop for summer clothes.

Another upside was that the apartment was literally a block from a street packed with cafes, bars and restaurants. We grabbed a burger for our lunch then headed home so the youngest could pack for the National Skipping Championships.

Her alarm was set for 3am this morning so she could be on a 6am flight to Darwin. Her dad has been tasked with taking her to the event because he’s a qualified skipping judge and I’m not.

The trip is costing a bloody fortune. It was $3000 for their two airfares and accommodation alone. I have chipped in as part of a special co-parenting levy and feel a little disappointed that I’m not going too.

It will be a long time between holidays for me because my job will be insanely busy for the next six months … hmmmmm, where should I go then?

I’ll think about that once I’ve moved house.

And now today feels like Monday, not Friday. Have a great weekend.

Song of the day: Models “Barbados”

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