Missing you

It has been a crazy whirl at my place over the past few days as the youngest prepped for her Year 11 social.

A dress was procured online, as were strappy shoes. The shoes didn’t fit when they arrived and were schlepped back to the bricks and mortar store yesterday.

A spray tan was applied. Fingernails and toenails were painted with shellac. Eyelashes were tinted and “uplifted”.

On the flip side, not a scrap of make-up was used. Ah to be young with flawless skin …

Nipple guards were procured because the dress is made from a knit fabric with hole-y bits. Well, I hope nipple guards were procured.

I don’t know for sure because I missed the “pre” event, which was held at the local Mayor’s house, who is a school mum.

I have to work in the city every Tuesday and I thought I wasn’t welcome.

Well, the Mayor (above) wouldn’t have minded me popping in, but the 16 year old didn’t want me there. I wasn’t allowed to go to her AFL presentation last week either, but that sounded like it was a blessing in disguise when I heard how long and dull it was.

Anyways, back to the pre-event. I texted to ask if I could pretty please come for a minute and have a stickybeak. The youngest surprised me by saying yes. One big problem. I couldn’t get there in time. I didn’t realize she had to leave at 5.45pm to board the party boat and I missed her by 10 minutes.


I was pretty sad, to be honest. The milestones are racing past and I would have liked to be there to enjoy this one.

That’s her on the right in the main pic, with one of her besties on the left. Doesn’t she look grown up and gorgeous! Wow, how did that happen so fast?

Meanwhile, speaking of shoes that don’t fit, I took delivery yesterday of a pair of Hush Puppies that were on sale at David Jones. Slap me with an I’m-getting-old stick right there. Also with a doofus stick because I got the sizing wrong and ordered a UK size 9, which turned out to be an Australian size 11, so they are GINORMOUS and will have to go back.

Bring on the public holiday so I can do that, as there is bugger all time for anything during my insanely busy working days.

All the best for your day of mourning – I will catch you on Friday.

Song of the day: Phil Collins “I think I missed again”

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