Nice people

I am slowly getting used to working with nice people again, but I am still a bit skittish.

After some deeply unpleasant workplace experiences in recent years, I have PTSD. Whenever my boss rings me, I invariably panic and think it’s because I’ve done something wrong.

She is hardly ever calling because I have done something wrong. And even when I have screwed up slightly, she is very polite about it.

I’ve always believed that being inclusive and kind is a far better way to lead and inspire others to follow you. Ruling through fear is very last century.

I had a drink with two of my co-workers last night after work and it was lovely. They are top blokes and not just because they bought me a glass of pink wine.

It has also been exciting to hit some goals in the workplace. My boss and I celebrated the milestone of 25,000 followers on the Destination NSW LinkedIn page this week, which was a buzz. The page has picked up more than 900 followers over the last month alone, which I am crediting to the power of Vivid Sydney and trippy drone videos.

I followed up my work tipple by taking the youngest to a local Italian joint to use a free pizza voucher. It was a gift from a real estate agent who is eager for my business.

He popped over on Wednesday and pretended not to be horrified by the horder-esque state of my house.

We both agreed that the market has gone into meltdown following media hysteria and Reserve Bank rate rises.

So I am probably going to sit tight for a while before selling. In the meantime I need to sort out the terrifying mess on the children’s side of the house.

It has been a bit hard to tackle due to a combination of ill health, overwhelming work hours and taking care of two teenagers.

But perhaps I can gird my loins for a few hours of pain this weekend to make a start on the clear out.

Wish me luck.

And have a fabulous weekend.

I am hoping mine contains a few highlights that don’t involve a mop and vacuum.

Song of the day: Pearl Jam “Better man”

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  1. Pearl Jam!…..I don’t if it’s about getting older, but, um, collective soul have been appearing on my playlist….may have something to do with a random YouTube vid I found with a bunch of kids playing a tune on some beach in California….and yes, cleaning!!!!…I have garage, and we have a basement storage room….and no sooner do I clear both out, then they both fill up again..and life…….it’s amazing how good, good people can make you feel…..been there, and there’s always that one or two people that make life all worth while

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