She will always carry on

It is an undeniable truth that while the days go slowly, the years go fast.

My sister and I had our regular Sunday morning coffee catch-up and mulled the fact that our children are rapidly making their own way in life, while we are struggling to recalibrate.

My sister yearns for her son to be little again. I am still trying to work out what I wish for.

Parenting young kids is delightful and tough in equal measures.

Parenting teenagers is a little less delightful and even tougher.

When they are young they adore you and want to spend every moment with you.

When they are teenagers they rarely want to spend any time with you. I am still processing the fact the youngest said she won’t go on holidays with me again until she’s 50.

I went to watch her play AFL on Sunday morning to cling to my rapidly diminishing parental duties while I can.

My ex was goal umpire, which we both found highly amusing since he has never played a game in his life. He just watched a few matches then volunteered for the role and muddled his way through.

I am beginning to get the hang of AFL. It was an exciting match to watch and only their second win of the season. There was even a bit of biff on the field when a girl from the other team punching a girl from our team in the head for calling her an emo.

Aside from being a sidelines mum, my weekend was a little uneven.

I had to do a test for a job interview on Saturday that involved brain teasers. There were 24 to be completed in 46 minutes. I only got through seven and most of my answers were wrong because I didn’t even understand the questions.

It was distressing to feel so stupid. I know I’m not stupid, but I am not a numbers person. I did so badly at maths that it wasn’t included in my HSC mark. And I’ve never done a brain teaser in my life.

Fortunately, watching Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis afterwards revived my spirits. What a glorious movie, I was transfixed! DD not so much … I could sense him fidgeting beside me, as he’s not a Baz fan.

But I found the frenetic pace, movement, colour, costumes and soundtrack mesmerising.

And I was delighted by the scenes when the young women saw “Elvis the pelvis” gyrate on stage for the first time. They went wild!

I almost felt like squealing myself! Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?

I need to read up on Elvis, as I was fascinated by the scenes where he observed African American music and dance moves and incorporated them into his repertoire.

It is hard to believe Elvis was almost thrown in jail for wiggling his hips, but then America never fails to gobsmack me. The reversal of Roe vs Wade on Friday is beyond shocking.

What enrages me – in addition to guns having more rights than women – is that the people who are deciding the biological rights of others only care about the babies when they are in the womb. After they are born, those in power are quite happy to condemn them to a life filled with poverty and violence without proper access to medical care or social services.

Justice Clarence Thomas has since called on the court to revisit other decisions, including on contraception and same-sex marriage. I am stunned that someone who grew up in poverty himself – in a community that was established by formerly enslaved African Americans after the Civil War – would support such a move.

Clarence should abhor the terrible nature of oppression, yet he somehow advocates for suppressing women and minority groups.

Samuel L Jackson has slammed him on Twitter for also putting interracial marriage in jeopardy with decision.

The same rationale the conservative court employed to reverse the 1973 decision on abortion rights could now be used to eliminate the right to same-sex marriage and contraception could also threaten the right to interracial marriage.

Thomas specifically named only the rights to same-sex marriage and contraception when he spoke out. He side-stepped the third, which could threaten his own interracial marriage to Ginni Thomas.

What the actual? Are you as confused as me?

I do not understand Clarence. I do not understand any of the supreme court judges who voted to overturn Roe vs Wade.

Heaven help America because the Supreme Court hasn’t.

Song of the day: The Pretenders “Hymn to her”

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