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I can’t believe I’ve lived in Sydney for 33 years and never been to the Henry Deane rooftop bar at the Palisade Hotel in The Rocks.

Have you? I give it two thumbs up – the view and the decor are absolutely stunning. I’m a bit in love with The Rocks at the moment, it is such a gorgeous part of Sydney when you get away from the bustle of George Street.

I was invited to the bar by Australian Vintage Limited (AVL), which makes wine brands including McGuigan, Tempus Two and Nepenthe.

AVL has launched the most genius spirits and ready-to-drink cocktail ranges that are made using the alcohol it removes from its zero alcohol wines, such as the McGuigan Zero range.

The new products are a range of Tempus Two Gins, includes the world’s first Prosecco Gin, Shiraz Gin, as well as a Botanical Gin; Rescued Spirit Co, a sustainable brand that ‘rescues’ citrus fruits from local producers in the Murray Darling to give them a second lease on life in a range of gins and vodkas made using renewable energy and 100% recyclable materials; Gelato Drinks Co, a range of gelato-flavoured drinks; and Mr Stubbs – a range of bottled cocktails.

I hobnobbed with AVL CEO Craig Garvin at the event while he waved a Tempus Two Shiraz Gin cocktail around and declared it to be his new favourite drink.

Craig gave the Australian Financial Review the scoop on the new range in March, but they really didn’t get how awesome it was. I remember being three quarters of the way through reading the article when the repurposing of alcohol to make spirits was mentioned in passing. My mouth fell open in excitement and I made it the lead for a story on my Drinks Digest website.

I couldn’t believe the journalist hadn’t been more excited about how cool it was and I told Craig so. We are besties now.

AVL is the market leader in zero alcohol wines – McGuigan Zero is the biggest selling no-alcohol wine in Britain and Australia. But it comes at a price – you lose a lot of liquid when you separate the alcohol from the wine.

AVL “spins” off the alcohol from McGuigan Zero at its Buronga winery near Mildura and Craig said it made perfect sense to use it in other products.

I had little sips of the ranges while I was at the Palisade and I agree with Craig, the Shiraz Gin is a winner (I even got to take a bottle home, lucky me!). The vodkas and gins are also incredibly smooth because they are made using wine-based spirit.

It was a fun event at an awesome spot. I would definitely love to head back there soon, especially since it’s only a hop and a skip from my new office.

Here are some snaps I took:

The AVL drinks launched in May in selected First Choice Liquor Market stores and at AVL Wines cellar doors.

Speaking of the office, I’d better haul myself reluctantly out of bed, as I’m working in The Rocks today.

Have a good one.

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  1. So interesting about repurposing the alcohol! Never been to rooftop of Palisades, but I think it’s the Australia hotel which also has a rooftop bar – was there about 20 years ago! The Rocks is a lovely location.

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