My forever home

A glimpse of blue sky on Saturday had me yearning for lunch in the sunshine, so DD took me to Palm Beach for my first-ever meal at a lovely place called Dunes.

He decided I needed a treat after I lost my marbles a bit on Friday due to exhaustion.

I worked 50.5 hours in my day job, then crammed freelancing, Drinks Digest and single parenting into my other waking hours.

It was the perfect antidote. We had such a nice time sipping wine and supping on small plates of deliciousness, including oysters, grilled prawns, burrata salad and fried zucchini flowers, with a limoncello tiramisu for dessert.

It was heavenly to relax for a few hours, the staff were great and I thoroughly recommend the restaurant if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

I discussed forever homes as we dined and we both agreed that the Northern Beaches would be a pretty fabulous option.

It’s crazy expensive up there right now, but maybe the market will cool when interest rates go up. A girl can dream …

The other option I’m exploring is a two-storey apartment in the North Sydney area for me, with weekends on the Northern Beaches with him. Two-storey North Sydney apartments might sound a bit niche, but there are currently three on the market, so I think they’re a thing.

Anyways, real estate aside, Sunday was equally relaxed. I went for a walk with my friend Alice, then had breakfast with my sister. We shared a yummy haloumi, avocado and green tahini roll before embarking on a spot of shopping.

She took me to my new favourite shop Zara so I could choose a belated birthday present and I am in love with my new rusty orange oversized shirt. I want to wear it every day.

I donned it for a Sunday roast dinner with DD at our fave local, the Four Pines. The crackling on my pork was delish.

And now it’s Monday. Big week ahead. Stay tuned …

Hope you had a relaxing weekend too.

Song of the day: Presidents of the United States of America “Dune buggy”

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