A little unreliable

I am going to be a little unreliable with my blog posts over the next week or so.

It’s getting very hard to fit everything in, so I’ve decided to take my pedal off the metal and recalibrate.

There will be no blog post tomorrow because I’m booked to do something fun tonight.

I’ll fill you in on Thursday.

Then I’m giving myself Easter off to spend some time with the youngest. Our trip to Fiji was a bust, so we’ve decided to try something much closer to home to celebrate her 16th birthday.

Although that may involve me twiddling my thumbs on the beach while she surfs, so there could be some sporadic blogging after all.

But I think I proper break would be a good idea for both my mind and body. My mouse hand definitely thinks so – it’s considering getting RSI from all the fiddly stuff it has to do from 8am in the morning until 10pm every night.

My hands are quite vital to my career, so I need to take better care of them.

Of course you can never count on anything actually happening in these COVID-riddled times, so I feel a bit crazy even mentioning that I have plans.

But I figured I’d better give you a heads up that service might be erratic.

Whatever the universe has in store, there will be stories to tell! Stay tuned …

Song of the day: The Ventures “Wipeout”

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