The other Alana House

I grew up thinking Alana House was a pretty unique name. Sometimes it was a burden – and a bullying opportunity – being “A. House”, but it also felt like I was one of a kind.

While there were countless Jane Smith’s in Australia, I figured I must be the only Alana House.


I discovered many years ago that there’s another Alana House in Queensland.

I forgot all about the other Alana until I got a Google alert this week announcing that I’d won a Nutrien Our World Award.

Divisional Administration manager Alana House was recognised for her contribution to Nutrien Ag Solutions’ branch network across North Queensland and was the only recipient from Australia.

Nutrien Ag Solutions North East Region manager Robert Payne said House (above) provided valuable support to the branch network across a broad spectrum of activities including retail, livestock, real estate, finance, insurance and water.

“Alana’s competency, integrity and empathy is eagerly sought out by the network for support, above and beyond her regular duties,” he said.

Go Alana!

It was quite fascinating to see the other Alana’s face for the first time. She’s an attractive lass.

When I told DD about the other Alana, he sent a message back saying “There’s only one in my book #imposter”.

Bless him. 

Oh, Alana House is also a building that occasionally pops up in my Google alerts. It’s a community project in the UK that “uses a holistic approach to support and empower women”. It offers a “confidential, women-only, non-judgemental space and welcome all women who feel they need help and support”.

Another admirable Alana.

I feel more like Admiral Alana right now.

As I type these words, Sydney is a flooded mess. I have never seen rain so intense and so prolonged as I did yesterday.

I bunkered down – other than rescuing drenched kids in the afternoon – listened to the constant, thrashing downpour and prayed my wifi would hold out.

DD had a meeting in the city at 3pm and, much to my dismay, tried to drive there. Failed. All the roads were flooded out on the Northern Beaches. He took shelter at a friend’s house at Collaroy and wasn’t sure that he’d get home when the news broke that Narrabeen Lake residents were being evacuted.

A shocking 102mm of rain fell at Mona Vale Golf Club in the three hours to 2.30pm, while 124mm fell in the six hours up to 11am at Forestville.

It feels like this rain will never end. The long term weather forecast app on my phone says there’s at least another week to go.

It’s gouting down again now. If it’s flooding in your neck of the woods, Godspeed.

Song of the day: Destiny’s Child “Say my name”

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