Worry, wild weather and fireballs

After working remotely for the last three months, it was my first day at my new office yesterday.

I was a little anxious due to having some fairly awful workplace experiences in recent years.

The anxiety wasn’t because I thought my new workplace would also be awful, it was just a general, subconscious feeling of panic that I was battling to contain.

The rain was so heavy throughout the night that it kept waking me up. As I lay there in the dark, dread would course through my veins. It was hard to breath normally with the brick of panic in my chest.

It meant I was a bit knackered before I even started the day. Fortunately the rain was fairly manageable when I got up, which meant I could race the dogs around the block for a quick wee before I left, as they would have to be locked in all day due to the crazy weather.

Unfortunately, one of them chose yesterday morning to blurt runny poo all over the laundry floor. Hurrah.

I cleaned it up, masked up and caught the bus, but 10 minutes into the journey it suddenly stopped. The driver announced he would need to drop us to North Sydney Station because the Sydney Harbour Bridge was closed. I presumed it was because of the weather, but no, it turned out that a dickwad had caused a fireball crash.

Police are alleging that a Toyota Kluger owner was changing his tyre on the corner of Sussex and Goulburn streets in Sydney’s CBD when the man got into a scuffle with him and stole his car. The alleged thief then headed towards the Harbour Bridge at 100km/hr, lost control of the Kluger and collided head on with a HiAce van. The car rolled onto its roof and caught alight.

Some very brave witnesses hauled him from the car before he became a human fireball.

I can’t believe no one died because it looked pretty freaking messy when I finally managed to get a train across the Harbour Bridge. My fellow commuters and I stared out the window in horror at the burnt out wreck.

I was running soooooo late by the time I rushed into the office.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, until it was time to head home. The heavens opened up in an end-of-the-world torrent that made it an ankle-deep slog to the bus stop.

Back home, the lounge room stank because one of the dogs – I still haven’t worked out which one – had blurted runny poo everywhere again, but of course my children hadn’t noticed.

So I did some more retch-worthy cleaning up.


But, as I keep saying, at least my house hasn’t been destroyed by flooding.

Do you think it will ever stop raining? It’s torrential again here now. Luckily I’m working remotely today.

Take care, stay safe. I hope your day is dry and free of dickwad crims.

Song of the day: Jerry Lee Lewis “Great balls of fire”

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