Getting bad advice

I was looking at the new NSW Premier as he launched “Freedom Day” earlier this week and I couldn’t work out what was bothering me about the photos.

Then the Member for Port Stephens noted on Facebook: “This is how the new Premier chose to present so-called ‘freedom day’. Men in positions of power at a pub. No women. No Auslan interpreter.”

My brow furrowed. Ah! No women.

Isn’t that a bit of a misstep? If this is the new political face of NSW then I’m not a fan.

A former colleague commented on the post: “Look Kate, it’s the boys club taking care of business. Maybe the women are all in the Ladies Bar drinking shandies and discussing what they will cook their husbands for dinner?”

Freaking Ladies Bars – how the eff were they a thing?

I think Mr Perrottet might need better advisers.

I was tempted to think the new Premier – who’s been dubbed a “Milennial Conservative” by the AFR – had retro views on women working, but my sister tells me he has a high-powered lawyer wife.

Helen Perrottet is a former Australian Federal Police officer, who worked in public relations for the Australian Defence Force, studied the law at night and is now a solicitor. And she’s done it all while mothering six kids (four of them pictured above). I am awed – let’s make her Premier instead.

I’m still feeling a bit nervy about this “freedom” that’s been excitedly handed to me by the Premier. I anxiously await the COVID case numbers in the coming days.

But the kids are LOVING it. The youngest bought her school formal dress and shoes online last night. Looks like a bikini top attached to a slip to me, but whatever floats her boat.

The eldest is planning a trip to the cinema later in the week. I feel all jangly at the mere thought.

Mind you, I did spend about five hours online yesterday – in between cooking beef massaman, meat pies & mash and grilled salmon with mint & tomato pasta salad – looking at holiday packages to Fiji.

I even briefly considered taking the kids there for Christmas – trip sponsored by Visa – but the details remain very sketchy on what happens to returned travellers, so I’m going to hold off maxing out my plastic for the moment.

While I’m nervy about being free, I’m also not keen on a possible seven days in quarantine after going on holidays. Plus it’s wet season and super muggy and I probably shouldn’t be maxing out my plastic.

I am feeling “life is short, what the hell” though. Are you planning any overseas trips?

Oh, I also tried to go to a bar yesterday to interview someone for a freelance story. But I arrived and realised I hadn’t downloaded my vaccination certificate yet. Blimey – you need a PhD to do that. I could not work it out, so it’s been added to my to-do list for today.

Fun times.

Song of the day: The Reels “Bad moon rising”

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