Can you feel it?

There’s a buzz in the air in Sydney as we count down the days to leaving lockdown.

I’ve been invited to two 50th birthdays, we’ve rebooked DD’s birthday sunset cruise, I’m organising to use a restaurant voucher that’s been languishing on my desk, we have two concerts coming up in Newcastle … and that’s all before December.

It will be strange to be busy again.

It’s amazing how well the vaccination drive is going in NSW, although I continue to see lots of fake news and other angst from the 10% who are abstaining.

There’s one friend who’s really jumped the shark and I’m not sure how to handle it. Her Facebook story and Instagram feed are filled with anti-vax propaganda. At first I thought she’d been hacked, but I have a sinking sense that it’s actually her.

She shared a video of a pub erupting into cheers when Gladys resigned, which clearly didn’t happen. I presume the fake people cheered because Gladys had stolen their freedom. I didn’t bother to turn on the sound to check.

I don’t want to unfriend her but I don’t want to see the mad ramblings and fake medical graphs either. It’s a tough one.

I’m even seeing insidious stuff on LinkedIn. I reckon when people start raving about “pure bloods” in your comment section, then you’re not heading down a good path.

Anyways, I’m focusing on the positives. The kids and I discussed our freedom plans over dinner last night. The eldest and youngest are organising to catch up with their friends outside our LGA, while the youngest is giddy about getting to a beach with waves again.

Brave new world.

Part of me is going to miss this time we’ve had together at home. Soon their social lives will explode again and I’ll hardly ever see them. It’s been nice having them around every day. Captivity has its upsides …

Song of the day: Jackson Five “Can you feel it?”

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