Little dreams

I’m in shock. The kids want to go on holidays with me. And they’ve even agreed on a destination: Fiji.

The eldest has been anti-beach over the past few years. I don’t know why, perhaps it doesn’t fit with the alternative, head-to-toe black attire vibe. So I was stunned to hear a beach holiday was on his wish list.

I suspect the youngest is merely being practical in wanting to go with me, as she’s too young to go by herself.

There’s the small fact that I don’t have the funds for a Fiji escape, but when has that ever stopped me dreaming?

I took the kids to Fiji a decade ago when they were wee little things. It was to celebrate my sister’s 40th. My mum provided the frequent flyer points and I blithely said I’d pay for the accommodation.

Then I discovered how freaking expensive accommodation is in Fiji when its not part of a package. I blanched despite having a highly paid job back then.

I was bitching to the photo editor at TV Week about it one day and she announced: “My family own a beach house on Mana Island.”

Sorry, what?

The lovely creature let us stay there for three nights for free! It was more of a beach shack than a beach house, but we loved every minute of it and wished we had decided to stay longer.

Instead we spent a few extra days at Denarau Island, which wasn’t my favourite due to its lack of tropical beach and frigid swimming pools. It became even less appealing after the eldest got the flu, puked all over the bathroom floor then slipped over in it.

Good times.

But our escape to Mana Island is a very happy memory (for me, the youngest can’t remember a thing about it, despite being sentient enough to insist on getting her hair braided). The pic above is the kids playing on the sand at sunset one night on the beach outside our holiday house.

I’d like to go back one day because I was still terrified of the water back then and didn’t go snorkelling. Epic fail on my part.

I’ve been Googling Fiji islands and accommodation is still very pricey. And, sadly, the Mana Island beach shack blew down in a cyclone a few years back. These bures on Castaway Island look fab:

I’ve also wanted to go to Heron Island ever since DD and I visited Lady Elliot Island a while back.

Oh, how I’d love to have an island holiday with the kids before they escape into adulthood. Fiji or the Great Barrier Reef, I’m easy.

I even briefly checked the location of Prudhoe Island – home of the crystal beach on my Kimberley cruise, which would blow the eldest’s mind – but it’s a loooooooooong way from absolutely everywhere, so it’s off the cards.

Maybe I’ll win the lottery? I actually bought a ticket last week, so that’s a start!

Song of the day: Madonna “Holiday”

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  1. Hi Alana, we’ve been to Castaway Island three times but when the kids were a lot younger. We absolutely love love love it. Beautiful people, Incredible food and a stunning beach to snorkel from that’s very safe. Prices vary enormously at different times of the year. If you decide to go, let me know. Xx Susie

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