Extra kick

It was International Coffee Day on Friday …cue an avalanche of coffee-centric press releases and the terrifying news that there’s a global coffee bean shortage.


The price of coffee has surged 21.6% this year to $3.65 a kilogram, according to IBISWorld, with climate change-related weather events affecting key coffee-producing regions.

Drought and severe frost are estimated to have destroyed about 20% of Brazil’s coffee plants. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and accounts for about half of the world’s supply.

ABC News reports that importer Marcelo Brussi is paying about 45% more for the specialty coffee beans he sources from Brazil.

My strong flat white with half a sugar is about to get pricier.

However, celebrations for World Coffee Day proceeded unabated.

One press release I received was from a bakery that created a limited edition tequila coffee mocha cake to celebrate the day. The PR asked if it was an interesting story for Drinks Digest.

I thought it was a bit marginal … and then I saw on Instagram that other people had received actual cakes, not just press releases. Ah, the FOMO created by journalists all knowing and following each other on social media …

Is it wrong that I ran out of time to write something about the boozy cake?

However, I was sent a delivery of an Espresso Martini kit from Tia Maria, to celebrate both the international coffee day thingy and a new podcast that’s coming out (press release to follow tomorrow). Nom nom – Tia Maria and Vanilla sounds delicious.

And some new Mr Black Espresso Martini cans also arrived on my doorstep in this enticing packaging:

I asked DD if he’s like to try them and discovered, gasp, that he’d never had an Espresso Martini. EVER. This is a man who is addicted to coffee and grinds his own beans.

So I popped his Espresso Martini cherry on Saturday afternoon and we sipped these babies together …

Confession: I’ve realised I might not actually like Espresso Martinis. DD wasn’t a huge fan either.

We’re more Margarita people. Espresso Martinis are a bit … intense.

Do you like Espresso Martinis? They’re apparently Australia’s most Googled cocktail recipe.

I think I prefer drinking my caffeine hot and milky at breakfast. Although I’d better make a Tia Maria Espresso Martini just to be sure.

As for the rest of the weekend …

The eldest has moved into the anklet weaving business.

And I’ve completely lost track of the days of the week due to the combination of daylight savings starting, the public holiday, lockdown and not having dinner at DD’s last night due to his favourite team playing in the NRL grand final. And losing. Sad face.

I was so discombobulated last night that I almost forgot to put the bins out.

I was also distracted by a job ad I saw on LinkedIn for Director of Communications at Tinder.

For a fleeting moment I considered applying for the position. Then I took a cold, hard gulp of reality and decided there was no way they’d think I had “a deep understanding of what it means to be in youth culture”, despite the role also requiring someone who has “at least 12 years of deep experience in Consumer and Corporate communications, in lifestyle, tech or entertainment sectors, in media, corporate or agency settings” (all before the age of 30 I expect).

Recent experience has shown me that ageism is way more brutal than the sexism in my youth ever was.

The ad also said something about the role requiring “selflessness”. At Tinder? Huh?

However, I was drawn to work there – despite having never swiped right – because the CEO, Shar Dubey, sounds pretty cool.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed a law that prohibits abortion once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, which is usually around six weeks and before many women know they’re pregnant. The law also allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone involved in facilitating abortions.

Don’t get me started on what I think about the Governor and his middle-aged white male cronies and their attack on women’s rights (but there might be some lessons in it for the NSW government as they choose a new leader).

I will never understand why men like him care so much about protecting life in the womb then proceed to not give a damn about what happens to once it’s out. Tip: universal health care and a mask mandate when your state’s Covid cases are spiraling out of control would be a good place to start.

Anyways, Dubey told her staff in an internal memo: “The company generally does not take political stands unless it is relevant to our business. But in this instance, I personally, as a woman in Texas, could not keep silent.

“Surely everyone should see the danger of this highly punitive and unfair law that doesn’t even make an exception for victims of rape or incest. I would hate for our state to take this big step back in women’s rights.”

Dubey is also setting up a fund to help any Texas-based employees who need to seek an abortion outside the state.

That’s the kind of selflessness I can get behind. But I’m still confused about what the trait has to do with running their comms in Oz.

Enjoy your public holiday if you’re having one. Mine is being spent writing two freelance articles about Christmas.

Song of the day: Sly & The Family Stone “I want to take you higher”

Wasn’t 70s fashion awesome?

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