Bundle of nerves

I filmed my second Tik Tok video yesterday. I was so nervous that I was slightly breathless. I need to calm down, which I hope comes with practice.

DD commented that he’d never seen me breathless from talking before. He should see me when I walk up steep hills with my female friends. I am VERY breathless, but that doesn’t stop me talking.

Being breathless on big hills is to be expected, but it’s not what you want in your Tik Tok videos.

I also screwed up the ending – I made it a few seconds too long and had to cut it abruptly, but it’s all part of the learning experience. I think I will try something different with my next one that has less of me in it. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here it is …

Apparently it’s not showing up properly for some people who read the blog, I’m not sure what that’s about. Can you see it?

As for my viral LinkedIn post about free Furphy beer for vaxxed people, it’s doing waaaay better than my Tik Tok efforts. I’m now at 26,000 views and more than 500 likes. It is giving me quite the dopamine hit, which is much needed right now. There was even a stoush in the comments section yesterday, which has given it an extra kick along, god bless their feisty souls.

Blimey it bucketed down at my place last night – I thought the house was going to float away. I hope the blue tongue lizard I rescued yesterday from the moodle’s jaws survived the downpour. The poor hissing thing had a chunk out of it when I managed to drag the dog off.

Then I had to rescue the moxie, who’d excitedly followed the moodle into the fray, but was actually petrified by the hissing lizzie. He huddled shaking against the fence, behind a spiky finger lime bush, which made his extraction slightly tricky.

Then I got a towel and grabbed the injured blue tongue, but I didn’t know what the hell to do with him, so I put him under a bush in the front yard where the rabid moodle couldn’t get him.

When I went back an hour later he was gone. I hope he makes it, poor beautiful thing.

Song of the day: The Cranberries “Linger”

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  1. Hi Alana. I called WIRES when I had a juvenile blue tongue that was in our yard. They generally come collect them and re-habit them elsewhere where it is safe for them.

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