Multi-tasking madness

There was a moment yesterday when I was juggling too much: slicing potatoes with a mandolin, creating a PDF of a job ad for a client, organising a job interview, shooting Nerf balls for the moodle and writing a story about modern slavery.

I thought to myself Fark! I AM a modern slave!

That’s a major exaggeration, but I’m prone to those.

Yesterday was already flat out on the cooking front before all the other stuff piled on top. I made slow-roasted lamb with a lemon, feta and olive dressing and a potato bake; a gnocchi and sausage bake; spicy pork mince, massaman beef and chicken satay skewers; plus a broccoli pesto pasta for the youngest.

It was pretty intense.

I’d forgotten a few things, so I had to duck to Woolies at lunchtime. I grabbed the eldest some food for lunch and completely forgot about myself. I made do with tasting all the cooking.

I completely screwed up the satay sauce and had to throw it out. RIP a jar of peanut butter.

In addition to writing the job ad and making changes to the modern slavery article, I pushed out three Drinks Digest stories:

Raise a glass to Paloma Appreciation Week

Drinks industry shakes up influencer marketing

Ryan Reynolds’ biggest Aviation Gin coup yet

I’m quite excited by the Ryan Reynolds story … and by Ryan Reynolds …

He’s so clever and funny.

There were more stories to be written, but time got away from me.

At one point, I noted to my former sister in law and current good friend via Messenger that I was ready to semi retire.

Unfortunately, DD didn’t win the $20million Lotto draw last night, so semi retirement is still a long way off.

After putting a fourth load in the dishwasher, I sat down to watch Twin Peaks with the eldest. We’re up to episode 18.

I am very excited because I’ve remembered there’s a guest star coming up who will surprise the eldest: David Duchovny as Denise Bryson, a Special Agent who investigates drug allegations against Dale Cooper.

The role was pre-X-Files, another of the eldest’s favourite shows. I’d totally forgotten he was in both shows until a few nights ago.

Twin Peaks is a crazy ride. The eldest is loving it.

OK, gotta go, today is another freaking shite show of multi-tasking. Wish me luck!

Song of the day: Dolly Parton “9 to 5”

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