Something’s missing

One of the things I love about my new bedroom … other than the ultra-soft carpet donated by my brother-in-law and the non-teenager-defiled loo … is the sunrises.

The room is at the back of the house and faces east. When I wake up in the mornings, I lie in bed and watch the rays blaze above the trees. The pretty sunrises make me smile.

But they also make me yearn to be closer to the beauty – I want to watch the magic unfold above the sea while sitting on the headland. Yesterday was one of those mornings when I really, really wished I was on the Northern Beaches at dawn.

The pic above shows what the horizon looked like when I was walking the dogs in my suburb.

The pic below was taken by my friend Jo at North Curl Curl.

What a beauty!

Sydney might be a bastard when it comes to property prices, but it has its beautiful benefits (although there are many seaside towns with equally stunning morning vistas).

Something that isn’t missing from my mornings is the traffic. I thought Sydney being in lockdown would mean less cars on the road, but it’s still hectic when I open my front door at 7am. The NSW government keeps emphasising that we need less movement, but I’m not seeing it on my street.

Sadly, lockdown stopped me seeing Tim Minchin last night. The concert had been rescheduled from my birthday week in 2020 and it’s been bumped again. And today I will need to reorganize the Vivid tickets I bought for DD’s birthday, following the news that it’s been postponed too. Damn you, COVID.

On the jobs front, Lord Howe Island is looking for a new CEO – how freaking awesome would that be? No COVID there! If it was three years from now, I’d be campaigning for an interview.

Song of the day: George Harrison “Here comes the sun” (old fave – this version has Ringo Starr, Elton John, Phil Collin and Eric Clapton as his backing band!)

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