The eighth wonder

Blimey its hot in the Kimberley in June, fortunately the air is still cool when we wake in the mornings before 6am to watch the sun rise.

We’re blitzed by the beauty of the second sunrise of our cruise and take endless photos.

After an early breakfast we arrive at Montgomery Reef – described by Sir David Attenborough as the eighth natural wonder of the world – and speed off in the tenders to explore our surrounds.

Waterfalls form every few metres as the water rushes off the reef at low tide. We head along the main channel and turtles pop out of the water all around us, their heads looking like little submarine periscopes.

I make the mistake of wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a baseball cap, which is woefully inadequate attire for a redhead. After reapplying sunscreen three times I can still feel myself burning to a crisp. Kind fellow passengers loan me a long-sleeved rashie and a towel to huddle under.

When we return to the boat, I buy one of the long-sleeved shirts the crew wear to protect my skin during the rest of our excursions.

I’m better prepared for an afternoon boat tour that includes a swim at the gorgeous Ruby Falls in the King Leopold Ranges. Trip Director Paul lends me one of his caps that has a flap at the back and a drawstring section under the chin that protects my chest as well. I’m quite the sight, but my skin is much safer from the ravages of the sun.

Day three is a little confronting for this introverted extrovert. My delight in making small talk is waxing and waning due to the constant socialising, I feel a bit exhausted by my flim-flam act and wish I could learn to be quieter in company. In the afternoon I disappear into the cabin to regroup and blog in the blissful silence.

I decide to crack out my colouful kaftan for the evening and match it with an Aperol Spritz … which also matches my toenails … I make quite the stir in the dining room. I love that no one wears shoes on the boat, every meal is eaten barefoot! Getting my first-ever shellac paint on my toes was an excellent investment.

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Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Seven wonders”

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