So dirty about it

Let me start with the good news: I was notified yesterday that the youngest has received a small Local Sporting Champions grant for the 2021 National Skipping Championships.

Well, I did submit an excellent proposal. I made her sound like a highly gifted saint. Pity it’s not me taking her to Nationals, but every cent deposited into the co-parenting bank account helps.

OK, now onto the bad news.

My opinion of Renault has not been enhanced by being tricked into picking up my car yesterday, despite there being no valuation issued.

I made it very clear I wasn’t collecting the car until there was a valuation, because I want to trade it in on something more reliable. But apparently Nathan and Tegan the car valuers are really flat chat at the moment and didn’t have time to do one. So the service centre sent them some photos and details and Tegan or Nathan will be in touch soon. I tend to doubt it, going on Renault’s previous stellar performance.

I asked for Tegan or Nathan’s phone number and the service centre said they didn’t know what it was. As. If.

I was SO DIRTY about it. And sick and tired and fed up.

As I left the service centre, the young lass who took my money chirruped “Have a nice day!”

“I won’t,” I snarled, before driving off in my stupid, unreliable Renault Captur. And then I cried for the next hour. I hate that car and I want it gone.

On a happier note, I was invited to cocktails and nibbles at Sydney’s most sustainable bar, Re, last night. The youngest was dead against me going because I am still poorly, but I was so miserable about the car that I defied her ruling that I must stay home. She’s very stern. I have no idea where she gets it from.

I really need some wins – aside from small government grants – but, in the meantime, complimentary cocktails will have to suffice.

Re has been created by hospitality heavyweights Matt Whiley (Scout) and Maurice Terzini (Icebergs Dining Room & Bar).

Located in the newly-restored South Eveleigh precinct, Re is a “regenerative drinking experience” built from the ground up to be one of the world’s best bars.

Whiley has a sharp focus on local ingredients and sustainability, creating drinks that are tasty and innovative while minimising waste. At Re, he is pushing that to its limits, looking at everything with a sustainable lens, from the materials and glassware, to the light fittings, ingredients and garnishes, through to what goes in the bin.

I was very keen to check it out. So my sister and I caught the train to Redfern and wandered down the road together in warm coats to sit on Re’s newly opened Ketel One Terrace.

Our evening focused on cocktails showcasing Ketel One Botanical. We were quite taken with the Nectarine & Vetiver Negroni with Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom, Tanqueray, Cocci Di Torino, Campari, Nectarine and Muyu Vetiver.

The food, meanwhile, is overseen by Icebergs head chef Alex Pritchard and has a strong snack focus. 

I love a strong snack focus.

The most delicious snack we sampled was the hand rolls with tuna frame crudo and fermented chilli. So moreish! We also enjoyed rye crackers with whipped buttermilk ricotta & venison Salami, and flatbread with wild deer nduja & cheese.

And it turns out the youngest was right, I wasn’t really well enough to be gallivanting. I had a headache and major congestion. But it felt good to escape the house for an hour or two before the fatigue set in. I also ran into the lovely Jennifer from the gin picnic I went to a few weeks ago (pictured main with bleary me). We sat together for the evening, I hastily assured her I was COVID negative, and we had a great time solving the world’s problems. I’m very excited to have made a new friend on the drinks and food media scene. It will be handy when I’m not allowed to take a plus one to events.

And now it’s Thursday. As I lie in bed I can tell my damn cold or flu is still lingering. Fingers crossed it’s gone by the weekend, there’s fun to be had.

Song of the day: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

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