Bad luck

I don’t have much for you today. I am a bit flat. There is a lot of bad luck to deal with in my life right now.

But fortunately my health and financial difficulties are not major ones and I will discover my new career path soon enough.

In the meantime, Drinks Digest is keeping me very busy and I will be back with a chirpy Drinks with Al column tomorrow, time permitting, as I’ve just realised today is a bit chockers.

I’ve been forgetting a few things during my current haywire period, so I started keeping a diary yesterday. I bought it in January and never got around to using it, but I finally decided to start filling it out to keep track of all the stuff that I need to remember.

This morning, I’m escaping to the sea for a coffee with DD.

This afternoon I am getting my hair cut and going to see a band, as I continue to blithely pretend that I can afford such luxuries in the face of my car catastrophe. Well, the band tickets are from a postponed gig last year, so the debt is already paid.

The frustrating thing about the car catastrophe was that I could see it coming – blind Freddie could – but I felt a little powerless to sidestep it while not being in full-time employment. That crappy car was a disaster waiting to happen from the moment I bought it. But there were so many other bills to pay that I chose to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The time to sell was before it came out of warranty, but I’d just been retrenched. Who’s going to give a car loan to someone pottering along doing freelance and contracting work?

Ah, well, enough with the woe is me.

As the youngest’s year 6 teacher told the class: “Life isn’t fair.” But it invariably brings wonderful things if you hang in there. I reckon I am due some wonderful things pretty soon.

I just have to look back through the photos on my phone to reaffirm that good stuff always comes along in my life.

Have a great weekend.

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