Healthy outcome

Everyone continues to be lovely at my new workplace. I’m slowly relaxing into it. I’ve even been invited to Christmas lunch with the team on Thursday, which will be a nice chance to get to know them a bit better. There hasn’t been much time for chitter chat, as I’ve had a lot to get my head around.

My new job is in the health sphere, which is a bit of a departure from writing about booze. I’m unaccustomed to hunting for health news, but I will probably stumble across some while searching for the latest updates on alcohol.

I went to another advertising meeting yesterday and my phone started buzzing with a call from the youngest. Everyone was very nice about me ducking out to check that she was OK. When I stepped back into the room I explained that my 14 year old was “being me” at home since I’d been seconded so unexpectedly into the workforce.

“Being me” included taking the dog to be groomed, picking him up, and putting the beef on to slow cook. The youngest was calling to confirm she was supposed to keep the lid on the pyrex dish when it went into the oven.

I continue to be exhausted by learning so many new things by day while freelancing by night. I only leave the computer to eat or sleep. Actually, I frequently just eat in front of the computer if I’m not distractedly attempting to bond with the kids.

My weariness wasn’t helped by DD crashing at my house on Monday after a Christmas catch-up with his cycling crew. We’re not overly keen on sharing a bed on school nights, as we’re both restless sleepers. Also, he takes my side of the bed. I have no idea why I let him, it must be love.

I think we will definitely need to live in adjacent apartments in our retirement, as we like our own space – and having the bed to ourselves – too much.

Since I’m a busy working woman again we didn’t even have time for a cuddly coffee before he headed off home yesterday morning. It was a kiss and go scenario.

He’s frantic for the rest of the week, so I will suffer a DD drought … unlike the weather which, according to the app on my phone, is going to be wet and miserable for the next week. The youngest is very cranky about the effect it’s going to have on her tan.

OK, gotta go and hi ho, hi ho again …

Song of the day: Pink “Leave me alone”

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